Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The One Where Olivia is 10 Months Old

Olivia turned 10 months old a few days ago.
My sweet Wia. She's got a million places to go and a million things to see. Every day is a new adventure for her. This past month has been a tough one for our whole family and she's had the hardest time adjusting to all the traveling and moving we've been doing. But she's still my sweet baby girl. Always so full of laughs. Always so fun to be with.

And she may never know that her real name is Olivia. Just the other day I was holding her and looked down and asked her, "Are you ever going to know your real name?" She shook her head no quite enthusiastically. I love that Ellie calls her "Wivvy" sometimes. "Wivvy, Wivvy, Wivvy! Come here." And she's always getting bossed around by her big sister. "Careful, Wia!" "Wia, my stuff!" But she also gets looked after. Ellie likes to make sure she has her blanket or toys. She even gets her water bottles when she notices that "Wia thirsty." Now that they share a room, whenever I go into their room in the morning Ellie likes to update me on what she's been up to. "Wia bouncing." "Wia [needs] diaper change."

And boy does Olivia cruise around. She's always poking around and into everything. Reading books and exploring toys, at least as long as she can before Ellie comes and takes it away from her. She likes to get the baskets of toys out from the little shelf in her room. The cutest thing is that she actually tries to put the baskets back when she's done.

We celebrated her first Christmas with her a few weeks ago. It's fun that she actually knows what presents are and tries to tear into the wrapping paper herself now. And apparently she strongly dislikes hats.

I just love that little girl so very much. I better get to bed so that I can be up early to snuggle her.


  1. What a precious gift from God. I love the picture of her checking out her toes.

  2. I can't believe she's already ten months old! What an awesome kid she's turning out to be :-)

  3. One my favorite things about Olivia is that even in the toughest of situations she always has a smile and cuddle to give!


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